Hello August!

A is for August
My birthday month. Who's excited?! Obviously me lol See you Cavite and Coron in a few days :)


Singapore Haze.

We've been stuck at home like for 5 days now. Just because we are now experiencing haze here in Singapore since last Monday. According to 'em every year, farmers in Sumatra Island Indonesia clear large swath of forest, Agh. They didn't think first or maybe they just didn't care at all and as far as I know it is illegal, right? so what's up Indonesia Government?! Don't you see thousand of people residing Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore are now suffering because of the air pollution, can't breathe normally at nakapaka-init. How long it will last? Hanggat walang namamatay? Pakshet!

and today Friday, June 21, 2013 as of 11AM the PSI (Pollutant Standards Index) reading hits new all time high of 400 in HAZARDOUS range. SIGH!

Photos grabbed from YahooSG, Atlantic and 9Gag

The forest is on fire, Darn it!

smoke from Sumatra

Creepy Singapore :)

Covered in thick smoke haze

FYI: Haze can trigger underlying health

Good thing, My allergic rhinitis did not attack me these past few days (which I had almost weekly) Thank you Lord and Please keep us all safe.


I hate Jejemon but I used to be.

I took a time to back read my previous entries for year 2006-2008 and one thing I realized, I've been jejemon for my entire 2007, half a year in 2008 and 2 months in 2006. GOSSSSSH! It's really annoying and  It made me feel embarassed. I can't imagine (really) I did those up and down letters (I mEaN LiKe ThIs Oh! LoL) with different spelling pa, shocks talaga and I really had a difficult time to read 'em. So I decided to reverted to draft instead of making a new blog site or delete 'em (as much as possible I want to keep those "jejemon" kwentos of mine lol syempre yun memories you will never get back na db pero mas okay kung para sa akin na lang) To think that I hate Jejemon, eh isa din pala ako jejemon before, kakahiya JeJeJeJe! :)) 


Happy Father's Day.

My handsome men in my life

To my Dad, I couldn't tell you every day how grateful I am that you are my Dad. You gave me the greatest gift anyone could ever give another person, He believe in me. Thank you for everything and I will always be here for you and Mom. I love you.

To Papa Isko, From a wonderful husband he has now transformed into a great father. Thank you for making us happy, for being there always not only for us but also for my family. Thank you for being responsible and supportive. Thank you for being the best father KM could ever have. We love you so much.

Our little celebration at home. I cooked palabok requested by Isko and a surprise cake from KM :)

Photo grabbed: Pinterest

Mabuhay ang mga responsableng Tatay :)


I am Loved.

and when your days grow dark. Be reminded that you are loved ❤ Truly. Deeply. Unconditionally. ~I'm so blessed to have you in my life. Thank you Pa, I love you.